New drive to see childcare as a profession

The Government is planning a high-profile campaign to promote childcare as a

The move follows plans for a campaign to tackle a shortage of social workers
and the "no-one forgets a good teacher" adverts.

Director of the childcare charity Kids Club Network, Anne Longfield,
welcomed the recruitment drive. The charity is carrying out a one-year review
of childcare in the UK, chaired by former social security secretary Harriet

Longfield says thousands of staff are needed to tackle recruitment problems
and to enable the Government to implement its national childcare strategy.

"This campaign is something we have been saying is needed for a long
time," she said. "We are looking at a workforce of 60,000 people over
the next five years."

A spokeswoman for the Department for Education and Employment said: "We
are in the process of fine-tuning what needs to be done and what gaps there are
so we can recruit the right people in the right places."

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