New generation of business leaders back employment reforms

per cent of start-up businesses and entrepreneurs support the Government’s
plans to extend the flexible working rights for those caring for the elderly or

is the result of survey conducted by Rooks Rider solicitors in conjunction with
the Portobello Business Centre.

Doran, employment law specialist at Rooks Rider, said: “New and small
businesses are endorsing the proposed extension of the Government’s work-life
balance reforms. This directly contradicts the doomsayers’ predictions that all
the employment red tape would deter new businesses.

recent years businesses have had to get to grips with employees’ rights to ask
for flexible working, the extension of maternity leave and the introduction of
paternity and adoption leave. We were surprised with the level of support among
new businesses. This survey suggests that the new generation of employers are
more open to flexible working and work-life balance reforms.”

By Quentin Reade



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