New job blues drive away one in four within a month

More than half of employees have regretted accepting a new job soon after
taking up their new role.

A web-based survey of 150 people by Begbies Traynor and UK Net Guide shows
that more than one in four (26 per cent) actually acted on those feelings and
left their new job within a month of starting work.

The most common reason for leaving was that the job didn’t live up to their
expectations, cited by almost half of those surveyed (46 per cent). One in six
didn’t like the company enough to continue working for it.

Many felt that their new place of work was disorganised (42 per cent),
inefficient (38 per cent), and did not encourage hard working (23 per cent).
One in four (23 per cent) had no contact with their supervisor during their
first week, and almost half (46 per cent) had been given no training for their
new role.

The findings reinforce the importance of managing new recruits’ expectations
effectively, and painting an accurate picture of the organisation’s culture and
what the job will entail.

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