New jobs in Galileo space programme

Up to
1,000 new jobs could be created in the space programme following a
multi-million Government investment.

DTI and the DTLR is set to provide £86m to help fund the European Space
Agency’s Galileo programme, which is developing the future global positioning
navigation system.

system will lead to improved air traffic management and Secretary of State for
Trade and Industry

Hewitt said the investment would lead to new jobs: "The Galileo programme
is likely to create around 1,000 new high-technology jobs in the UK. As well as
benefiting the UK’s major satellite manufacturing companies, many of the job
and investment opportunities created will be in the smaller supply companies,
and leading edge R&D facilities," she said.

completed Galileo will deliver real-time positioning offering users accuracy to
within one meter.

By Ross Wigham


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