New NHS advice line for overseas nurses

nurses working in the UK who are being exploited by commercial recruitment
agencies will be able to get confidential help and advice from a new NHS advice

overseas nurses’ line means nurses who have come to this country and are
experiencing problems with extortionate and dishonest agency fees or problems
with contracts or employers will be able to speak to a trained adviser in

adviser will either give them further information and advice or take action
where necessary on their behalf.

national line, launched jointly by the Department of Health and UNISON, will
provide nurses with sensitive, relevant advice and information as well as a
sympathetic response. The number is 08458 50588.

minister John Hutton said: "Overseas nurses are an integral part of the
NHS workforce. Having made the decision to work in England, they should not to
be sold short or deceived by either recruitment agencies or unscrupulous
employers. It is our responsibility to ensure this does not happen."

By Quentin Reade

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