New service shouts emergency details when you can’t

A ground-breaking new online service is set to provide a lifeline for people taken ill or involved in an accident while abroad.

The SOSMyWorld website is a secure, password protected resource, which allows users to store donor information, next of kin contact details, any important medical conditions, and information on medical and travel insurance policies.

The amount and type of information stored on the site is completely at the user’s discretion, but could be accessed, anywhere in the world, within seconds by inputting the unique username and password details printed on the SOSMyWorld products.

SOSMyWorld is the brainchild of Managing Director David Hill. Something on David’s background and how he came up with the idea.

He said: “SOSMyWorld is a key which unlocks important medical and other emergency information when you or a loved one need help – anywhere in the world.

“The emergency services may need to find your details fast. Our service will shout your details if you can’t, and could save vital seconds in countries like the USA, which will only treat people they know have valid medical insurance.

“And if you’re incapacitated, it will also give the police next of kin details for the person you want them to contact, instead of automatically going to a parent or spouse.”

SOSMyWorld is also an important resource for companies who send employees overseas on business.

David Hill said: “Companies have a duty of care for any employee they send overseas, and using SOSMyWorld could be the difference between them receiving vital medical treatment and not.”

A wide range of products, including wrist bands, key rings, and iPhone applications, featuring unique log-in details is now available.

The company will also be developing the range to suit executive travellers, backpackers, and fans of outdoor pursuits.



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