NHS recruitment campaign produces record nurse intake

NHS is spending £3.2m on advertising in an effort to tempt staff back to the
service, Annanova reports, following a record increase in the number of nurse

will use the slogan ‘join the team and make a difference’.

the advertisements a young woman who has suffered serious head and facial
injuries is depicted on the road to recovery with a confident smile.

Secretary Alan Milburn said: "Recruitment campaigns are a crucial
investment in the future of the NHS. After decades of neglect it will take time
and effort to transform the NHS into the health service that patients and staff
want to see.

have already met our pledge to get 20,000 extra nurses, midwives and health
visitors working in the NHS. The increase in recent record numbers of nurses
coming into the NHS needs to be spread to other health professions."

By Quentin Reade

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