NHS to launch its biggest conflict-resolution training scheme

The largest ever programme of conflict
resolution training for all frontline NHS staff will start early next year.

The plans follow revelations that one in three doctors has
experienced some form of violence in the workplace.

Training will be delivered by the new NHS Counter Fraud
and Security Management Service (CFSMS), which is charged with tackling
violence and abuse towards NHS employees.

Staff will receive training in identifying potentially violent
situations, and avoiding them by using non-physical techniques designed to calm
aggressive situations.  

Training will be delivered on site and health bodies will
be free to choose from different delivery options.

The CFSMS will also introduce a national reporting system
for incidents of physical assault to assist managers and the police during

Bill Darling, chairman of the CFSMS, said: "We have a
long way to go in dealing with violence, but I can assure you that the CFSMS is
a body of highly-motivated and dedicated professionals determined to see the
NHS properly protected."

By Michael Millar

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