NHS training aims to motivate and retain staff

NHS has launched a massive e-learning scheme for all staff in Scotland, to
improve skills and turnover rates.

NHS Learning Bank will provide access to both traditional and online learning
through a network of training centres.

are currently 20 of these centres based in and around hospitals and they are
linked to the national network of Learndirect Scotland. The aim is to expand
the scheme so that there is one in every NHS board area, which it is hoped will
enable all 137,000 staff to gain access.

thousand personal learning credits of £150 each will also be provided to help
unqualified staff access work-related learning and gain SVQs.

helpline has been set up for all staff to get advice on the opportunities
available to them through the Learndirect national database of 70,000 courses.
It offers reductions of up to 80 per cent on courses.

minister Susan Deacon, who launched the e-learning scheme last week, said,
"We know that we must continue to take steps to improve recruitment and
retention both now and for the future. Opportunities in training and education
are a key part of that. Many members of staff want to do more for the NHS and
for their own development.

better qualified NHS is a more motivated NHS and one which can provide better
patient care. An NHS that works together and learns together is also more
likely to stay together."

By Mike Broad

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