Nine in ten secretaries send personal emails at work

Almost 90 per cent of PAs and secretaries continue to send personal emails from their work PCs, despite a recent tribunal ruling that bosses can sack workers for email misuse.

According to a survey carried out by recruitment company Adecco, the majority of secretaries continue to send personal emails even though they know that their bosses might be monitoring them. And 60 per cent admit to surfing the net on personal business as well.

Speaking about the findings Tricia Philips, Adecco regional manager said: “It’s a question of trust in the workplace – similar to personal calls on the office phone. Some companies have stricter policies regarding personal misuse of email and telephones than others.”

She added: “Bosses should be as aware of email time as telephone time and employees should be careful not to abuse their trust.”

By Helen Gilbert




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