Nine out of 10 IT staff looking for better jobs

Almost 90% of permanent IT employees are looking for more lucrative job opportunities, a survey has found.

A poll by IT recruiters Computer People also found more than one-third (34%) of all respondents expected to leave their current position within the next three to six months, with another third intending to leave their jobs by 2010.

The main reasons for employee dissatisfaction were low pay and poor progression opportunities. Six out of 10 respondents also felt job security was important to their remaining with the company.

Of the 4,970 respondents, 87% said they were openly job hunting, or open to job offers in the first quarter of 2008.

According to temps jobs board ContractorUK, the number of freelance IT staff will grow in the upcoming months due to better pay for contractors.

It said the average IT employee’s salary was £35,160, while average contractor rates were approximately £34 per hour, which offered the chance to earn £77,383 by working a 37.5-hour week for 46 weeks a year.

Earlier this week, the Labour Market Outlook survey found the number of employers planning to cut jobs had risen.

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