No justice for women as ‘glass ceiling’ bars progress

glass ceiling across the criminal justice system is excluding women from the
top jobs, according to a new report.

Fawcett Society, which campaigns for equality for women, has looked at the
experiences and position of women working across the criminal justice system,
including in the police, judiciary, the legal profession, the Crown Prosecution
Service, and the prison and probation services.

society claims a culture of discrimination remains in the criminal justice
system, which results in lower pay and a "ghettoisation of women into
certain jobs".

has led to problems for employers recruiting and retaining women, claims the

commission found that women’s representation in the top jobs is as follows:

One woman out of 12 judges in the House of Lords

Five women out of 43 chief constables of police

18 women out of 42 chief officers of probation

Seven women out of 42 chief crown prosecutors

31 women out of 138 prison governors

By Michael Millar

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