Now is the time to visit a recruitment website

The most
popular time for staff to log on to recruitment websites is between 2 and 3
o’clock in the afternoon according to the founder of one of the major on-line

Founder of and chief executive of TMP Interactive Jeff Taylor said as the
company monitors the traffic on its websites around the world – the computer
screen graphics come to life in the early afternoon.

most popular time for looking for a job is 2-3pm – maybe the boss comes back
late from lunch," he said.

Worldwide’s annual conference in Paris last month he said most jobseekers
continued to look for a new job while they were at work.

The company
claims that its UK website – has an audience of 173,400. Across
Europe 660,000 CVs are posted on the Monster sites.

Bernstein, industry analyst and executive director at Goldman Sachs
International told delegates that careers sites were number 20 in a list of
Internet sites visited.

By Catriona

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