Office affair leads IT firm to sue over losses of £470,000

software firm is suing a former salesman for loss of business it says was due
to his two-year affair with a work colleague.

Bennett claims that Terence Hunter spent too much time out of the office, and
on personal calls, texts and e-mails during the affair, and neglected his
duties. It claims this caused the company to lose contracts and clients, with
losses of almost £470,000. It also said that Hunter was in breach of contract,
as personal relationships with staff had to be reported in writing.

Byard, partner in the
employment group at law firm Cripps Harries Hall, said: "This fascinating
case is the first of its kind and could set a massive precedent for employers
being able to recoup damages for workers’ lost productivity.

it is employees who sue their employers for loss of earnings in grievance
cases. Here, this trend has been turned on its head."

claim sees an employer’s attempt to bite back at an employee whose alleged
neglect of his duties has apparently caused them serious financial loss."

case is due to be heard next year.


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