‘Office rage’ on the increase

nation’s office workers are becoming angrier, more stressed and increasingly
likely to have lost their tempers at work, according to a new poll.

carried out for recruitment firm Eden Brown finds that one in four people have
experienced office rage as either a recipient or a witness.

The fourth
annual employment attitudes survey also reveals that women are more likely to
have greater exposure to office rage than men and that the 25-34 age group is
most at risk.

“For nearly
one in four of the working population to have experienced office rage is a
worrying manifestation of tension and stress at work,” said Ian Wolter managing
director of Eden Brown.

“It may
well be related to stress which has become a modern day problem and is regarded
as an illness for which employers will allow time off.”

The research
shows that job security and pleasant colleagues are rated as the most important
factors behind job satisfaction, followed by money.

The survey
of over 2,000 staff also reveals that one in five have been discriminated
against at work, with ageism the most common form.

By Ross Wigham

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