Office romance alive and well in a stationery cupboard near you

say you should never mix business and pleasure, but that doesn’t stop almost
three-quarters of us getting involved in a workplace romance.

a new poll, 71 per cent of employees admitted to dating a colleague despite all
the difficulties and potential embarrassment it can lead to.

Valentines Day fast approaching, it seems many employees will be disappearing
into stationery cupboards or making eyes at each other across a crowded office.

workplace has become something of an informal dating agency, with 62 per cent
of the 2,200 people questioned claiming to have met their current partner at

love’s crazy dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Some 87 per cent said
that workplace romance had caused trouble in the office, while a quarter said
their indiscretion has caused them problems.

employment ‘casting couch’ has also been consigned to the past, with 95 per
cent of workers unwilling to have a ‘special’ relationship with the boss.

a quick fumble at the Christmas party or over excitement on Valentines day can
lead to major headaches for employers.

Done, who commissioned the survey for law firm Peninsula, said firms should
have clear rules on relationships and staff should be made aware of the
acceptable boundaries.

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