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 – Jane Seddon is the new HR director at the
Lowry Hotel in Manchester with responsibility for recruiting and training 150
people before the hotel’s launch. The hotel, located on the Salford-Manchester
border, is run by Rocco Forte and opens on 5 April this year.

Steve Bevan has been appointed HR director for Internet services company
PeoplePC. Bevan will be responsible for all European HR matters on a strategic
and operational level.He has previously worked in senior HR roles at Fujitsu
and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Global IT company CMG has appointed Angie Bourke as an associate director of
its UK payroll division. Bourke assumes overall responsibility for providing
service support to corporate payroll clients in the north. She will oversee
production, quality management, customer support and training functions at
CMG’s Manchester and Prestatyn payroll centres.

 – The Chemical Industries Association (CIA)
has appointed Dr Anil Kumar as director of people, knowledge and communication.
Kumar will be responsible for education, training, science and technology,
innovation policy and employment affairs.

The career web site StepStone has appointed Jane Teasdale-King as HR director
for UK, Ireland and India. Teasdale-King will be responsible for a wide-ranging
brief, including training and development, resourcing and selection and
employee relations.


Scoular is the new group HR director at Barclays. She will be responsible for
leading the development of Barclays HR strategy and managing HR expertise
across the Barclays Group.

joins the company on 19 February from British Airways, which she joined as a
graduate HR trainee in 1977.

roles at BA included customer services director and HR director, where she was
responsible for HR strategies across the business.

November 1997 BA seconded Scoular to act as an adviser to the Government’s New
Deal task force.

who is 45, married and lives in Cobham, Surrey, will report to Gary Dibb, chief
administrative officer, who has also been acting HR director since April 2000.

said, "I am pleased to be joining an organisation which places such an
emphasis on its people.

look forward to continuing progress towards building a more equitable and
fulfilling workplace at Barclays."


Waterhouse is the new HR business partner at chemical and pharmaceutical
research specialist Bayer. Waterhouse has previously worked in HR roles at
British Rail, Business Objects and Hoechst Marion Roussel. He will be responsible
for providing HR advice for Bayer’s diagnostics businesses in Newbury, Stoke
Poges and Halstead.

is the most important lesson you have learnt in your career?
Rules are made to be broken.

you were to write a book, which subject would you choose to write about?
I’d try to combine two major interests ñ travel and wine.

 If your house was on fire and you
could save just one object, what would it be?
One of our paintings ñ the main souvenirs we bring back from our holidays.

you had three wishes to change your company, what would they be?
Having only been with Bayer for a few months it’s too soon to say, although
a map to help navigate around the building would be much appreciated.

is the best thing about working in HR?
The opportunity to work across all parts of the business, which means life is
never boring

is the worst?
Still being tarred with the brush of administration, tea and sympathy by
the unenlightened.

have stumbled across a time machine hidden in the vaults of your company
building. What time period would you visit and why?
Ancient Egypt ñ the ruins are stunning even now. To see them in their full
glory would be even better.

you could adopt the management style of an historical character, whose would
you adopt and why?
Nelson Mandela ñ his unassuming style creates huge respect and he provides
inspiration for many people around the world.

is your greatest strength?
I’ve been told I’m very pragmatic.

is your least appealing characteristic?
My wife says it’s my lack of tolerance.

Tim Waterhouse

Consultant, Courtenay HR recruitment consultancy.
1996-2000 HR manager, principal HR adviser, Hoechst Marion Roussel
1996 HR manager, Business Objects
1985-96 various HR roles, British Rail

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