One in five UK employees lives in fear of redundancy

UK workers feel less secure in their jobs than staff almost anywhere else in Europe, according to new figures.

One in five (21%) UK employees still believes there is a possibility they will be laid off in the next year, according to the research which covers 9,000 full time workers in 18 countries.

Almost three quarters (71%) of respondents said that if they were laid off it would be difficult to find employment of a similar grade on similar pay.

In contrast, workers in Norway and Denmark are the most confident when it comes to job security. About 3% of workers in Norway and 5% of Danish workers said there is a possibility they could lose their job in the coming year, according to the Global Career Confidence Index compiled by the RightCoutts consultancy.

However, a number of the UK’s biggest rivals feel even more insecure, including German, French and American staff.

Germans topped the list as the most pessimistic workers, with nine out of ten employees saying it would be difficult to find another job.

Tony Martin, general manager at RightCoutts, said it was clear that UK employers have some way to go before their workers are as confident in their employment as some of their European counterparts.

“Employers must ensure that they communicate openly and honestly with their employees, especially when it comes to crucial issues such as job security,” he said. “Employees who are worried about their future are likely to be less focused and engaged, which ultimately is bad for business.”

From most confident to least confident, the results by country were:

  1. Norway
  2. Japan
  3. Denmark
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Sweden
  6. Spain
  7. Australia
  8. Canada
  9. Korea
  10. Netherlands
  11. Ireland
  12. UK
  13. Belgium
  14. United States
  15. France
  16. Switzerland
  17. Italy
  18. Germany

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