One in four graduates would choose a different university

are questioning the value of their university education in the modern job
market, a new survey claims.

to the first annual Student Survey, produced by, if they had
their time again, more than one in four graduates would have chosen to go to a
different university, and more than 60 per cent would consider doing a
different degree subject.

survey found that those from ‘new’ universities – the former polytechnics and
colleges – are missing out as employers continue to target the established ‘red
brick’ institutions and Oxbridge and use A Level results to select candidates
for interview.

survey claims that as students at the ‘new’ universities, by and large, have
poorer A Level results, they are suffering in the current job market.

James, head of the careers service at Liverpool John Moores University, said:
Big employers express the desire to have greater workplace diversity, yet the
recruitment methods they use – online applications, UCAS points and the
targeting of institutions – actually have the reverse effect.

universities, with the most diverse student populations and relevant vocational
programmes, are the major losers in this process.”

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By Quentin Reade

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