One in ten women are secret savers

Almost one in ten women in the UK are ‘secret savers’ and keep funds from their partners, according to investment firm Scottish Widows.

Increasing numbers of women are seeking financial independence and planning ahead for the future, the study showed.

About 10% of the 1,300 women – aged between 18 and 35 – surveyed by Scottish Widows said they were saving in secret.

Anne Young, senior marketing manager at Scottish Widows, said financial security was more important than ever.

“Our survey findings show that there is a trend for women to build their own savings separate from their partners,” she said.

“In today’s ever-changing society, jobs, marriages and money come with no guarantees so planning ahead is essential.”

An estimated one and a half million women in the UK are secret savers, according to the research.

Women in the Midlands were the most likely to save independently. Those living in East Anglia and Humberside were the least likely.



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