One third of managers look to move jobs

a third of managers are looking to change jobs according to a report.

Management Agenda Survey by Roffey Park reveals that the main reasons
for leaving a job, cited by over half of respondents, are a lack of
appreciation, poor management and poor promotional prospects.

a third highlight long hours as a reason to change jobs and 19 per cent of
respondents report that poor salary is the reason they are looking to move on.

reasons include the lack of a challenge and little opportunity to broaden

than half of those surveyed claim the attraction of a new challenge would
motivate them to join another employer and almost half state that an
interesting job and an increase in salary would provide them with the incentive
to change employers.

a third of respondents report that improved opportunities to learn and develop
effective leadership are incentives to move to a new company.

fifth cite flexible working policies, a fun working environment and increased
responsibility and 15 per cent would move for better promotional
opportunities.  The report polled 300

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