One-third of staff blame stress on workplace environment

More than one in three staff think their workplace environment makes them more stressed, according to a study.

Research by recruitment consultancy RPCushing Recruitment found that a further third have considered leaving or have resigned from a job because they do not like their office.

The survey found that 82% of people considered how the office looked when choosing an employer and 87% said they formed an impression of the company from just looking at its reception.

Paul Cushing, managing director of RPCushing Recruitment, said changing an office environment could make a surprisingly big impact on a company’s ability to recruit, retain and motivate staff.

“In an ideal world you would be able to redesign the office environment around your working practices and culture,” he said. “However if this is not practical, subtle changes to the layout of desks can make a huge difference.

“This may include lowering the physical barriers between teams so people still feel as if they have their own personal space, but are able to communicate easily with their colleagues.”

He also recommended introducing plants into the office.

The Department of Trade & Industry hit the headlines in 2003 after it released its pamphlet New Ways of Working, detailing in 2,000 words across six pages how plants should be distributed in the workplace.

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