Physical environment

A healthy physical environment in a workplace can be a key factor in maintaining employees’ health. A poorly designed workspace can result in lost productivity and disengaged staff, which could potentially lead to a high staff turnover.

The future is hybrid: so where will we work?

Recent surveys suggest that most organisations will face at least some degree of hybrid home and office working for months...

ReimagineHR: Expect a new employment deal post-Covid, says Gartner

16 Oct 2020

Employees’ capacity to deal with change is around half what it was in 2019.

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Office space under review at three-quarters of financial firms

8 Oct 2020

Insurance firms, finance houses and banking firms leading the way in seeking to reduce space.

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Home-working is here to stay, finds studies

5 Oct 2020

Two major surveys point to home-working becoming a long-term trend.

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Blend of home and office seen as most productive

21 Sep 2020

A global survey of employers has found that productivity, creativity and motivation are maximised when staff combine working from home with working in the office.

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Spain to introduce legislation to protect remote workers

9 Sep 2020

Spain is pushing through legislation that will protect the rights of staff who work from home.
The draft legislation was...

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Civil servants could see 80% return to office by end of month

7 Sep 2020

Ministers are pushing for central government employees to return to offices as soon as possible, according to a letter seen by the BBC.

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Confusion reigns over back to work advice

4 Sep 2020

Number 10 has rejected reports that a planned advertising campaign to encourage people back to their offices has been shelved, claiming it never existed.

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Top 10 HR questions August 2020: Returning to work and quarantine

2 Sep 2020

The summer holiday season raised questions for employers about the impact of self-isolating and quarantining after returning from abroad. A...

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Government ‘back to work’ campaign is stepped up

28 Aug 2020

The government will begin a campaign next week to urge workers back to offices after claims from business groups that...

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Cities suffer as only a sixth return to offices

21 Aug 2020

Footfall in UK cities was just 17% of pre-lockdown levels in the first two weeks of August.

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Office rents tumble as leading firms back homeworking

18 Aug 2020

Leasing activity in the capital has fallen by 57 percentage points: PwC and Schroders revise flexible working policy.

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One in three thinks return to office will be in 2021

17 Aug 2020

One in three British workers believes they won’t be back in their office or other place of work until at...

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Working at home has led to longer hours

13 Aug 2020

Loss of creative collaboration and working for an extra week a month among findings from pandemic studies of working at home.

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Thousands of BP staff may switch to remote working permanently

12 Aug 2020

BP is planning to shift almost 50,000 of its employees to remote working as it reviews its office portfolio and...

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