Physical environment

A healthy physical environment in a workplace can be a key factor in maintaining employees’ health. A poorly designed workspace can result in lost productivity and disengaged staff, which could potentially lead to a high staff turnover.

No plans for face coverings in offices, says Hancock

The government has no plans to force office workers to wear face coverings, the health secretary has said.
Matt Hancock...

Two thirds of furloughed workers to return by September

2 Jul 2020

Two out of three people currently furloughed through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme could be back at work by the...

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How new job titles reveal radical shift in wellbeing thinking

29 Jun 2020

The rise of new job roles is an indicator of the rapid transformations that businesses are undergoing as they adapt to a future with coronavirus.

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Pandemic risk poses major questions of commercial property market

25 Jun 2020

Demand for office space in skyscrapers plummets as crowded lifts consigned to the past.

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Can I wear headphones when we get back to the office?

12 Jun 2020

Whether it’s to drown out the sound of children fighting or a way to aid concentration when working from home,...

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How should vulnerable workers feature in return to work risk assessments?

8 Jun 2020

BAME people and individuals with obesity are at greater risk from Covid-19. How can they be protected in the workplace?

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Reboot your company culture for the socially distanced workplace

29 May 2020

Getting culture right as lockdown eases will see businesses retain employees. Get it wrong and they will risk losing valued people.

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Are wearable devices the answer to social distancing in workplaces?

26 May 2020

Could wearable devices that alert workers when they are not adhering to social distancing guidelines help employers bring staff back...

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Return to work: employers’ questions answered

14 May 2020

Can our office reopen yet? Do we have to provide staff with PPE? Many concerns about the return to work...

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Covid-19 Secure workplaces: the detail for returning to work

12 May 2020

As the government lays out guidelines for various workplaces in the UK economy, Personnel Today examines some of the detail...

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Covid-19 Secure guidance: Employers should publish risk assessments

12 May 2020

‘Practical guidelines’ have been published to help employers make workplaces as safe as possible, including the expectation that all employers...

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Wait over for detailed workplace guidance

12 May 2020

The government has now published its initial roadmap on how the UK will be able to emerge from coronavirus lockdown....

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Return to work: will hot desking go cold?

7 May 2020

Hot desking could well be discouraged as lockdown eases. But it goes hand-in-hand with flexible working. How can this be resolved?

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Tackling domestic abuse – ‘we want our workplaces to be both safe – and supportive’

6 Mar 2020

When it comes to tackling domestic abuse, it is not enough for employers just to be offering safe spaces (although...

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Businesses must counter coronavirus misinformation

6 Mar 2020

Organisations' resilience under threat during outbreak from unreliable information sources and lack of planning.

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