Online IT courses are a big hit

Ninety-two per cent of people sitting online IT courses say they enjoy the
experience, with 81 per cent saying they use what they learn, according to
research by Skillsoft, carried out as part of its e-learning benchmark survey,
A User’s Perspective.

Participants in the research were based in 25 countries across Europe, the
Middle East and Africa from organisations including AT&T, FedEx, LloydsTSB,
Royal Mail, SchlumbergerSema and Xerox.

Skillsoft stipulated that individuals had to have completed at least one
course online, with 85 per cent having sat between one and 10 courses. These
included courses on general Microsoft software skills, Cisco networking,
programming, web design, intranet and IT project management and virtual reality

Some 26 per cent said they like the design, content and interactive style of
online courses, and the same number enjoy being able to go at their own pace.
The use of graphics and exercises were popular, liked by 84 and 86 per cent of
respondents, but only 14 per cent said they like the audio.

Forty-eight per cent said they draw on what they learned on a daily basis,
and more than half (51 per cent) said they would pass on what they had learned
to friends and colleagues.

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