Overseas opportunities appeal to UK executives

per cent of UK executives would be willing to work overseas if given the
opportunity by their current employers. 

by HR outsourcing company Black Mountain, shows that, of those willing to
relocate, 74 per cent want to get as far away from the UK as possible, with 27
per cent favouring US hotspot New York, and 25 per cent opting for Sydney,

than half of those favouring a career overseas (55 per cent) would do so for
the perceived improvement in money and benefits. A further 22 per cent would do
so for family reasons and just 9 per cent for career progression. Only 7 per
cent of those keen on a move were driven by the desire for an improved

research, which polled more than 100 executives from a range of UK companies,
goes on to show that of the 60 per cent unwilling to relocate overseas, nearly
half (49 per cent) believe that moving abroad would damage their career
progression.  A further 32 per cent
feared they would lose out on money and benefits and 11 per cent cited family
reasons for staying put.

Ten relocation locations

New York, US
2) Sydney, Australia
3) Paris, France
4) Vancouver, Canada
5) Barcelona, Spain
6) San Francisco, US
7) Madrid, Spain
8) Rome, Italy
9) Los Angeles, US
10) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

By Quentin Reade

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