Overseas relocation

This is a fantastic idea and has the potential to be a boon to any HR professional who needs to relocate an employee abroad. Directmoving.com has brought together everything you could possibly want to know about international relocation from the packing, shipping and customs requirements to miscellaneous costs. It even has a space planner where your employee can work out how their furniture will fit into their new accommodation. All services on the site are free but HR professionals must register for access to the HRM Lounge where you can visit the VIP café, a chatroom where you can discuss things with other HR managers and peruse an international Who’s Who to directly locate colleagues abroad. Once your registration is received and accepted, a personal login and password will be issued. To help navigate the site, there is a virtual assistant called Martha who dispenses advice and will even answer specific questions. The site is also a portal to other services of use to HR managers but some sections are not yet linked while others are reliant on users to build the database of information.

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