Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust to axe 600 jobs

Another NHS trust has confirmed it is to cut posts in a bid to save money.

Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust is to cut 600 posts as part of its cost-reduction plan to help make £33m in savings.

The trust, which employs about 10,000 staff, said it hoped the number of actual job losses would be “substantially less”.

Sir William Stubbs, the trust’s chairman, said: “In dealing with the serious reductions in the trust’s income, the board has required that patient care and safety be given top priority.”

The board has also sought to minimise the loss of jobs through compulsory redundancy.

Health sector union Unison said the news was a “serious blow” to staff and would have a direct impact on the quality of patient care.

The trust is the latest in a long line of NHS organisations to announce reductions in posts in a bid to tackle mounting financial deficits.

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