Parenting hampers City careers

Being a parent in London can seriously damage your career, according to research from the Corporation of London.

A survey of 897 employees and 143 employers from the City of London found that one in three working parents are considering giving up work to care for their children, while two-thirds of non-parents believe that having a child would adversely affect their careers.

The research, which looks at childcare provision in the City of London and the needs of working parents, found that although the majority of City workers are satisfied with their childcare arrangements, many parents feel they lack information, support and flexibility from their employers.

Half a million working days are lost in the Square Mile each year to childcare related problems.

Ian Comfort, City education officer at the Corporation of London, said: “With long working hours and often lengthy commutes, many people find it difficult to progress their careers while managing childcare arrangements.

“Childcare must be given higher priority; employees need to know what help is available and it is vital that business understands the benefits of supporting employees’ childcare needs.”

The research identified four areas where working parents want support from their employers:

  • provision of basic information
  • the ability to work from home or work flexible hours
  • provision of tax-free childcare vouchers
  • paid leave for childcare purposes

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