Pay is just part of equation for happy workers

Pay is only marginally more important than the working environment when it
comes to creating job satisfaction.

Twenty-one per cent of employees believe salary is the most important aspect
of job satisfaction, compared with just over 20 per cent of staff who highlight
environment as key to enjoying their work, according to a survey by GoJobsite.

In all, 18 per cent of the 300 job seekers polled during July 2002 report
that job satisfaction results from being set challenges, closely followed by
career progression on 15 per cent.

Respondents also think interaction with colleagues is important, with 12 per
cent highlighting this as an issue, while 8 per cent report that training
availability is vital to job satisfaction, and 6 per cent feel fun is a vital

Jackie Jones, GoJobsite’s HR manager, believes the findings show employers
cannot depend on offering a good wage alone to create a satisfied workforce.

She said: "More and more people are battling for the positions that pay
the best for their skills and experience, but there are still people out there
willing to compromise and settle for somewhere that they feel comfortable
working for, that challenges them, and that offers the right routes for

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