Pay set to rise by 3 per cent

year’s annual pay rises will be around 3 per cent, according to report to be
released this week.

figure is lower than this year’s growth, but is still ahead of anticipated
headline inflation, claims research by Income Data Services.

study, which monitors 81 new pay deals covering a quarter of a million
employees, finds that settlement levels in the final quarter of this year are
generally lower than earlier in the year.

out of 10 agreements from October onwards are worth less than 3 per cent
compared with a quarter of deals from the previous six months.

under three-quarters of agreements for the final quarter of this year are
between 2.5 and 4 per cent.

report featured in the Financial Times claims that 11 September has created a
two-tier economy with the air travel and tourist industry hit hardest.

freezes in these sectors contrast with increases in the retail and restaurant
sectors to meet the new minimum wage level.

By Paul Nelson

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