Website to help employers put ability before age

minister Ian McCartney has launched a new website to provide practical help for
employers and staff on ending age discrimination at work.

Department for Work and Pensions has also published an evaluation of the
voluntary code of practice on age diversity and research reports in the run up
to new laws in 2006.

said, "We need to start acting positively now to change our working culture.
The old saying was age before beauty – the new one must be ability before age.

Government’s voluntary code of practice on age diversity has set the groundwork
over the past 18 months. The response to it from employers has been positive –
they find it informative and useful.

the code was launched, the number of companies with written employment policies
on age discrimination has also increased from 26 per cent to 33 per cent. But
we must not be complacent because there is still much to do."

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