PCS calls on Government to rethink Civil Service jobs cull

Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) union has called on the Government
to ‘practice what it preaches’ about providing an excellent public service, by
reviewing plans to cut thousands of public sector jobs.

at the TUC conference in Brighton,
Mark Serwotka, general
secretary of the PCS, compared proposed cuts to the Civil Service with British
Airways. He said the airline had "embarked on a so-called efficiency drive
and cut staff to the bone".

result was queues and cancellations, too few staff to deliver a service and
customers left frustrated and angry,” said Serwotka.

urge the Government to think again and think through the impact of [cutting] a
fifth of the Civil Service. We urge the Government to sit down and engage with us,”
he said.

By Michael Millar




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