Small businesses bank on flexibility

than nine out of 10 small businesses (SMEs)
in the UK
now offer flexible working arrangements for employees, according to new
research sponsored by the business banking arm of Lloyds TSB.

report shows that 91 per cent of SMEs
offer flexibility, with 85 per cent believing there are valuable benefits to be
gained by offering these work options to staff.

Pegge, head of
communications at Lloyds TSB Business, said: "Britain’s
small businesses trade on their flexibility and are increasingly recruiting and
retaining staff on the same basis.”

benefits SMEs believed they
reaped by providing flexible working arrangements:

56 per cent felt flexible working helps retain valuable employees

47 per cent said it helps make staff feel valued

45 per cent cited the external rewards of business reputation

33 per cent said it attracted a wider range of candidates

31 per cent said it created a loyal and motivated workforce

23 per cent said it reduced absenteeism and increased productivity

By Michael Millar 


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