people-ASSiST: A toolkit for coaching and helping skills

Format: Personal organiser folder
From: Proactive Style
Price: From £155 (depending on size of order)

To be fair to its developer, this kit is not intended as a substitute for foundation training. The developers make the point that for novice coaches, progressive use of the kit, mixed with post-training support, should mean that users come to rely less on tools as scripts and more as a reference for approaching a wide range of applications.

The kit is certainly comprehensive. It includes shrink-wrapped inserts and an audio CD-Rom on coaching topics. The inserts cover some serious and sophisticated questions such as ‘self-coaching principles’ and ‘upward coaching’, which is defined as using coaching principles to work with the boss.

This is all very good, but my concern remains that the toolkit would only work as reference for those who have been trained in the philosophy it contains, and for this reason, its applications could be limited.

Useful? 3 stars (out of 5)
Well-written? 3 stars
Relevance? 3 stars

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