Personal internet use is result of long-hours culture

pressure of long working hours and short lunch breaks means employees across
the UK are increasingly being forced to run their personal lives from the
office, according to a new survey.

study by classified directory service finds that 87 per cent of
employees using the internet at work admitted to accessing it for personal

employers can take heart from the fact that less than one employee in 10 uses
the internet primarily for entertainment.

most frequent reason for logging on from the office was for essential personal
administration, including checking bank details and finding services such as
hairdressers or plumbers.

addition, 76 per cent of those accessing the web from their desks ensure that
it does not affect their work time, by doing so out of normal office hours.

The findings also show that today’s workforce enjoys an average lunch
break of just 35 minutes, while 7 per cent of employees surveyed are too busy
to take a break at all.

By Ben Willmott

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