Personal Profile – Steve Addley

Trinity Mirror, publisher of the Mirror, Sunday Mirror and a host of
regional newspapers, has appointed Steve Addley as director of HR. Addley was
HR director of Trinity International Holdings, before it merged with the Mirror
Group. Before that he was personnel director at Thomson Regional Newspapers. He
has worked in newspapers for 26 years.

What is the biggest challenge facing you in your new job?

Finding enough time to do it.

What is the biggest challenge facing the HR profession?

Establishing its credibility as a business partner.

What are the most pressing HR issues for your company?

Change and managing it.

What is the best thing about HR people?

Those who really make a difference to their business.

What is the worst?

Those who are satisfied to remain personnel administrators.

The strangest situation you have had to deal with?

A complaint about a "peeping Tom".

The worst thing you’ve had to do?

Make talented and committed people redundant due to business re-structures.

What are you most proud of?

My children.

Your best career move (apart from this one)?

Coming into this exciting industry in 1974.

If you could do any job, apart from HR, what would it be?

Something in entertainment.

What do you do when you’re not working?


What would you like more time to do?


Describe your dream holiday.

Walking from good hotel to good hotel in France.

What is your most prized possession?

My dog, Schnapps.

Who do you admire?

All those in Northern Ireland striving to achieve peace in my birthplace.

Who irritates you?

People who do not utilise the talents that they have been given.

Does the Government consult enough with employers on employment

On balance, yes, but it often does not give sufficient time for the
consultation process.

What’s your greatest strength?

Sense of humour and common sense.

Your least appealing characteristic?


What advice would you give an aspiring HR director?

Believe in the added value that you and your function can deliver and make
sure that you deliver it.

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