Personnel Today and Andrea Adams Trust Bullying Survey Results

from exclusive research by anti-bullying charity the Andrea Adams Trust and Personnel Today show more than
three-quarters of HR professionals have been bullied at work Here are the results

Have you ever been bullied?

a.         In
your current job        Yes: 22.55%

b.         In a previous job           Yes:

c.         Never been bullied        24.82%

If yes, who bullied you?                    

a.         Your immediate superior           57.62%

b.         A manager in the company        29.52%

c.         Other members of the workforce 15.71%

d.         Union
official                            1.75%

e.         Other                                       5.23%

How did you respond?

a.         Confronted the bully                 27.60%

b.         Went to a senior manager         32.06%

c.         Made use of the organisation’s
grievance procedure       7.62%

d.         Made use of specific procedures on
bullying                  3.97%

e.         Approached a professional body                                   8.61%

f.          Left the organisation                  41.26%

g.         Took legal action                      2.86%

h.         Other                                       16.19%

Have you ever observed work colleagues in
your own department being bullied?

a.         Yes      49.54%

b.         No       50.46%

Does bullying occur elsewhere in your

a.         Yes      71.07%

b.         No       28.93%

Over the past two years have the number of
incidents of bullying in your organisation:

a.         Increased                     34.71%

b.         Stayed the same           42.56%

c.         Reduced                       20.66%

d.         Don’t know                  2.07

In your opinion, has tackling bullying in
the workplace become a higher priority for you as an HR professional than it
was two years ago?

a.         Yes                  74.78%

b.         No                   25.22%

Does your organisation have a formal policy
for tackling bullying?

a.         Yes                  70.85%

b.         No                   29.15%

If yes, did you notice an increase in cases
coming forward as a result of introducing a formal policy on bullying?

a.         Yes                  31.07%

b.         No                   68.93%

Have you been aware of a reluctance on the part of the victims of bullying
to formally report their case?

a.         Yes                  55.74%

b.         No                   10.57%

c.         In
some cases   33.69%

Do you feel that the existing procedures
(formal/informal) enable your organisation to resolve incidents of bullying

a.         Yes                  43.70%

b.         No                   56.30%

Which of the following factors contribute
to the weakness of your organisation’s approach to handling incidents of

a.         Inadequate procedures 30.31%

b.         Lack of cooperation from management  44.76%

c.         Unwillingness to acknowledge a problem
by management          69.77%

d.         Prevailing management style      63.46%

e.         Lack of training in how to deal with
bullying       53.54%

Does your organisation offer training on
any of the following:      

a.         Avoiding bullying                      12.30%

b.         Dealing with incidents of bullying           24.17%

How long, on average, does it take/has it
taken your organisation to resolve cases of bullying?

a.         Less than a month                     26.74%

b.         Between 1 and 3 months           33.53%

c.         Between 3 and 6 months           18.22%

d.         Between 6 and 12 months         8.91%

e.         More than a year                      12.60%

Which of the following penalties does an
employee face, who has been found guilty of bullying at your company?

a.         Dismissal          48.25%

b.         Individual making the allegations moved
to another job  18.26%

c.         Individual accused of bullying is
relocated                      26.94%

        Other (please state)      28.16%

Is bullying:

a.         endemic
in the workplace          14.90%

b.         undesirable
but occurs in all workplaces to some extent 65.68%

c.         a
very rare occurrence              19.41%

Do you work in the public or private sector?

a.         Public   39.68%

b.         Private  60.32%

Which of the following best describes the
main business, product or service of the organisation you work for?

a.         Construction, Mining, Agriculture,
Forestry, Fishing       2.83%

b.         Energy and Water Supply Industries                  1.24%

c.         Manufacturing, Engineering, Processing 13.45%

d.         Catering, Hotels, Transport, Travel
Industry      2.65%

e.         Retail, Wholesale, Distribution,
Repairs 10.27%

f.          Banking, Finance, Insurance, Business
Services, Property, Renting        8.67%

g.         National government                                         3.36%

h.         Local government                                             15.93%

i.          Education/Training                                            9.38%

j.          Health                                                              7.26%

k.         Electronics, IT, Communications                       6.19%

l.          Professional Services, Consultancy                    8.14%

m.        Charity                                                             6.19%

n.         Chemicals                                                         1.06%

o.         Media                                                              3.36%

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