Fujitsu aligns talent management to business strategy

Continuing our series profiling last year’s award winners, we take a look at how Fujitsu built a strong talent pipeline across all levels of the organisation after a series of restructures and changes. 

Over a three-year period, a change in CEO and two organisational restructures marked a change in how Fujitsu operated its business, and it realised it needed to drive different behaviours from its people.

It also needed to ensure that its talent management and development process was closely aligned to its business strategy and had buy-in from all areas of the organisation.

The company set up various initiatives, including a “talent board” that meets quarterly to identify roles that are key to business success, and actively manage and enhance them.

It encouraged a programme whereby employees “buddied up” to solve challenges and create opportunities, and hosted “talent forums” where employees could share knowledge with other organisations.

Alongside this, it delivered workshops on networking, hosted speed networking events, and actively encouraged candidates to nominate themselves and others for talent management programmes.

Fujitsu’s efforts paid off – 80% of employees that had been identified in the talent pool were promoted, including one to a regional CEO position, and retention among this group was recorded at 10% higher.

The company also enjoyed massive cost savings. Originally hoping to see an internal:external hire ratio of 70:30, it actually achieved 80:20, surpassing expectations and saving around £40,000 per senior hire.

A buddying programme also resulted in a new business acquisition of £600,000.

The overall result has been the creation of a vibrant, strong, supportive, and collaborative community who not only generate their own and others’ career opportunities, but play a key part in the success and growth of the business.

On receiving the award, head of talent, leadership and engagement Rachel Rose said: “I would like to thank the team for such hard work. We are sparing about the way we enter awards so this is very important.”

This year’s Personnel Today Awards will take place on 30 November 2015 at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. Enter this year’s awards here.

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