Pfizer Global wins Frazer Jones award for innovation in recruitment and retention

Inspiration for the Candidate as Priority initiative was a realisation that extra value could be gained for the company through a qualitative approach to recruitment rather than simply an efficient process. While the tendency was to gain efficiency through minimising the processes required to accept or reject candidates, Pfizer’s HR group realised there were benefits to be gained from building on this relationship.

The HR group began by addressing the highly competitive area of scientific graduate recruitment. With a limited talent pool it was clear that improvements in this area would bring great benefits to the overall value of the company’s human resources. Recruitment literature was redesigned giving it a more candidate-centred, case-study led approach. University visits and milkrounds brought current Pfizer scientists face to face with future candidates, ensuring such contact always met the prospective applicants needs rather than simply those of the organisation.

A small sourcing and selection team was created within the HR department and was challenged to build on the company’s record in the graduate recruitment arena. The team worked within the personnel function to ensure recruitment met the needs of each supported business area.

The work and rewards of the initiative have not been isolated only to the sourcing and selection team or indeed, the HR group. By working with line management, it has been possible to raise the quality of recruitment planning, making it possible to create the right job for the organisation and find the right person to fill that post.

Increased quality within the candidate-employer relationship ensured the candidate is employed in the right way and, through a structured integration programme, they take their new position at the right time for both them and the company. This recruitment then has a beneficial effect for the whole organisation, driving it towards greater performance within the sector.

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