Pilot pay row resolved

A dispute between CHC Scotia
and the British Airline Pilots’ Association (Balpa) over the difference in pay
between helicopter pilots and better rewarded commercial airline pilots is set
to be resolved.

The parties have agreed terms
on a revised deal that has been sent to Balpa members in Scotia with a
recommendation that they vote for acceptance.

The ballot will close Monday
November 19 and the result will be known on the same day.

Balpa General Secretary,
Christopher Darke, said, "This is a ground-breaking agreement which will
at last close the gap in pay between helicopter pilots and that of pilots of
commercial airliners.

"The gap will be closed
over two years, not three and a half which the company had earlier insisted on
and the agreement will mean a pay increase for pilots of up to £18,000 over the
two years.

"We have agreed as part of
this agreement that in the third year pilots’ pay will increase by a further
2.5 per cent or by the rise in the Retail Price Index, whichever is the

"The Company council of
pilots in Scotia recommends acceptance of this ground-breaking agreement after
an earlier vote for industrial action."

The current pay gap between
helicopter pilots and fixed winged pilots is 30 per cent for captains and 20
per cent for first officers.

By Ben Willmott

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