Plan to lose 1,000 jobs at Rosyth according to union

forces minister John Spellar is facing criticism from unions after allegations
that more than 1,000 jobs will go at the Rosyth naval base.

national officer Jack Dromey claims a secret memo revealed plans to reduce the
number of working docks at Rosyth from four to one and halving its 2,200-strong

claimed the plans were part of Babcock Rosyth Defence’s plans for the future of
the privatised yard as it tries to secure a contract at Faslane.

said, “The plans are clear that Babcock want the contract for Faslane and they
have said that they will give up their programme of work at Rosyth to do so.”

dismissed the claim as a “ridiculous scare story”, saying Babcock Rosyth
Defence had assured him they would secure the jobs.

Richard Staines

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