Police Federation insists three-year pay deal is ‘very good’

The Police Federation has insisted that a three-year pay settlement agreed this evening was “a very good deal”.

The federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, accepted a deal worth 2.65% from 1 September 2008, 2.6% next year, and 2.55% in 2010.

McKeever said: “In the current gloomy economic climate, this is a very good deal for UK police officers, and the best multi-year settlement secured in the public sector.

“It offers stability and reassurance for the next three years, an annual pay increase on time and in full, with the opportunity to get back round the table to renegotiate during the three-year period should there be a marked change in the economic conditions and an impact on police officer recruitment and retention.”

Police officers lost a High Court battle earlier this year over home secretary Jacqui Smith’s refusal to backdate a 2007 pay rise in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from December to September. Her refusal effectively reduced the pay deal’s worth to 1.9%.

Smith has agreed to be bound by the decisions of the Police Arbitration Tribunal on whether to reopen negotiations during the three-year period.

Phil Blundell, chairman of the Police Negotiating Board at the Association of Police Authorities, said: “This is an historic agreement that will help to ensure future stability of policing for communities across England and Wales.”

He added: “Negotiations have been complex and difficult, with the final agreement stretching affordability for government and police authorities alike.”

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