Police officers disciplined after Facebook photos fiasco

Three police officers have been punished for allowing a group of women to dress up in their uniforms.

The officers, two PCs and a temporary sergeant, were on duty at Burton Police Station on 5 December, when the four women were brought in following reports of an assault. Two of the women were witnesses, and two allegedly victims.

Follwing an internal investigation the officers received warnings about their behaviour and were moved to different stations reports Metro.

The officers allowed the women to try on police uniforms, and photographed them posing with patrol cars.

The escapade came to light when the photos were spotted on Facebook.

Assistant chief constable Mick Harrison of Staffordshire Police said that he was “extremely disappointed” by his officers’ behaviour.

Harrison said: “Both the force and the officers involve regret the negative way the photographs – and the circumstances in which they were taken – could be perceived.”

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