Police officers to work to rule after pay talks break down

Front-line police officers are being told not to work overtime, after talks broke down once again yesterday over pay.

The Police Federation, which represents all 140,000 rank-and-file officers, warned its members to ‘work to rule’ by operating strictly within the times of their shifts, and not working overtime or extra hours.

The federation is angry at this year’s latest pay offer of 2.325%, after demanding a 3.5% increase.

The plan to stop officers working overtime could leave forces short-staffed, although it is not expected to affect major criminal inquiries.

The bitter pay row between police and the home secretary began last year, when the government decided to cap their annual increase to 1.9%, despite an independent body ruling it should have been awarded 2.5%.

In March, some 20,000 officers took to the streets of London demanding a better pay increase.

Officers do not legally have the right to strike, but the federation may lobby for the right to be restored.

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