Police to invest £5m in testing effects of radio equipment

Home Office has launched a £5m research project to monitor the safety of police
staff using its new digital radio system.

scheme is being implemented to ensure the communications equipment does not
have an adverse impact on police officers or staff.

new radio system is being introduced to improve communications and raise
operational effectiveness.

Home Office said that extensive research had already proved the Airwave system
was safe, but wanted to reassure staff about its long-term health implications.

research represents the largest survey of it’s kind with Imperial College
London monitoring more than 100,000 officers in two strands:

detailed study involving 150 officers to determine whether Airwave signals have
any effect on the well-being of users. Officers’ brain functions will be
measured while using Airwave headsets.

national 15-year health monitoring programme involving up to 100,000 police
Airwave users in England, Wales and Scotland. The study will look for any link
between officers’ long-term health and their use of Airwave.

By Ross Wigham

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