Policing standards in race relations

Centrex, the Central Police Training and Development Authority, will be
using a new e-learning programme developed by Video Arts to help more than a
quarter of a million police personnel deal with community and race relations
(CRR). Working on Race and Diversity was developed to help police services meet
the national occupational standards in community and race relations, which were
set as a result of the Macpherson recommendations after the Stephen Lawrence

"By choosing e-learning as the format for the CRR training package, we
are able to introduce flexibility into the police training process," says
Dr Phil Clements, CRR multimedia project manager for Centrex.

"Personnel will be able to access information at their own convenience,
allowing them to overcome obstacles such as shift work or location constraints.
This will no doubt extend the reach of the programmes and, ultimately, help the
police service to meet the standards set in 2001."

The programme is CD-Rom-based and can be accessed from police networks, the
intranet or directly from a PC. Video Arts worked with Centrex and local
communities to produce material that can be used by a diverse audience.

"The programme’s flexible learning structure can be adapted to meet
distinct training needs faced by all police services, while ensuring
consistency across the UK," said Jeet Khaira, CEO of Video Arts. "The
user-friendly magazine format also makes the training accessible to all
personnel, covering the range of IT abilities present within the police


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