Poor management costs the UK billions each year

management is responsible for the UK
workforce wasting more than a third of its time at work, according to a global
productivity study.

Managing for Mediocrity, by Proudfoot Consulting, claims that
87 out of the 235 days that UK workers spend at work are unproductive, costing
the UK economy £87bn a year.

research shows poor management is responsible for 64 per cent of lost time in
the UK,
with 34 per cent time lost due to insufficient management planning and control,
and 30 per cent due to inappropriate supervision.

London School of Economics, which calculated the figures, said that this meant
bad management alone is responsible for the loss of £56bn.

study also shows that the UK’s
productivity, at 63 per cent, remains behind that of its key competitors – the US
and Germany
(both at 64 per cent) – although slightly ahead of France
(60 per cent).

Whitmore, Proudfoot’s
European president, said: "There is still room for significant improvement
if we want to become as productive and competitive as our major international

Michael Millar

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