Postie redirected by police after getting short shrift over trouser blunder

A postman was forced home by his employer, the Royal Mail, after he failed to follow the dress code and pitched up to work wearing the wrong shorts.

Reports in the Northampton Chronicle and Echo said that Adam Williamson, who worked at Royal Mail’s sorting office in Northampton had to be escorted home by police, after refusing to go home to change.

Lee Barron, regional Communication Workers Union (CWU) secretary, said: “An individual employee had a pair of shorts on that were not Royal Mail issue.

“He was challenged and asked to go home and get changed. He refused, so, in what can only be described as a massive over-reaction, Royal Mail called the police and had him escorted off the premises.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “It was an internal matter, whereby a member of staff was being disruptive and the management were concerned because of his behaviour.

“We took him home because he was refusing to leave the premises.”

The dispute has since ended, after Royal Mail handed Williamson £30 to buy a new pair of shorts, the Northampton Chronicle and Echo said.

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