Prepare for the invasion of the temps

Employers often underestimate the important contribution temporary workers make in the workplace during the summer period, recruitment experts have warned.

With 26 million Britons set to head off on their holidays over the coming months, employers will be faced with the seasonal headache of finding replacement cover.   

In many cases, the 1.4 million temporary workers registered in the UK will be called on to help ‘fill the gap’.

But recruitment firm OfficeTeam says organisations do not always make the most out of temp staff.

Sam Lumb, regional manager at OfficeTeam, said: “Temporary workers are a flexible and talented resource but there is a danger of them being misused and under appreciated.”

To raise awareness of the role temporary staff play in the workforce, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation is holding National Temporary Workers Week, from next Monday (6 June).

In support of the initiative, OfficeTeam has compiled seven steps to help employers prepare for making the most out of their temporary ‘summer relationship’.

  1. Prepare
  2. Give a warm welcome
  3. Review their job role
  4. Communicate frequently
  5. Offer praise and motivation
  6. Create a team-oriented culture
  7. Offer feedback

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