Temporary employment

Temporary agency workers offer great flexibility as an additional labour resource. They can fill in staffing gaps, often at very short notice, and can be engaged for anything from a few hours to weeks or months at a time.

Under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010, on completing a qualifying period with a hirer, agency workers qualify for the same basic employment conditions that they would have had if directly recruited.

If an employer wishes to take on an agency worker as a permanent member of staff, it may have to pay a “transfer fee” (sometimes known as a “temp to perm” fee) to the agency supplying the worker.

Royal Mail keeps on 10,000 temporary workers

Royal Mail Group has retained almost a third of the temporary workers it took on for Christmas.

Government removes 30-job threshold from Kickstart scheme

25 Jan 2021

The government has removed the minimum number of Kickstart scheme work placements an employer must create in order to apply...

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Vaccine hopes lead to increased recruitment

8 Jan 2021

Optimism around the impact of the coronavirus vaccine roll-out led to an increase in both permanent and temporary job...

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Flexible resourcing: how to hire tactically in 2021

29 Dec 2020

Coronavirus has forced every organisation to work in a different way and revolutionised how we use technology. But faced with...

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Firms sought temps over permanent staff during uncertain November

9 Dec 2020

Organisations are opting for the flexibility of temporary workers rather than offering permanent jobs, new data has revealed.
The continuing...

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Agency workers paid less than employees win back pay

8 Dec 2020

Forty agency workers who collect waste for Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council in the West Midlands will receive thousands of pounds...

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Ban on care staff moving between workplaces proposed

18 Nov 2020

Agency workers in the care sector will be banned from moving between care homes under new government proposals to reduce...

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Tesco to create 16,000 new jobs as online sales soar

7 Oct 2020

Tesco has announced it will create 16,000 new permanent jobs, with many of the roles going to staff who joined...

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University workers’ job fears over Covid-19 exposure

28 Sep 2020

Academic staff on precarious contracts fear they could lose their jobs if they refuse to teach at university face to face.

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Firms’ £1.2bn temporary staff bill ‘expensive and unsustainable’

16 Sep 2020

Organisations have spent £1.2 billion on temporary staff to plug skills gaps over the past year, prompting the Open University...

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Firms looking to temporary workers as business recovers

19 Aug 2020

Organisations are more likely to hire temporary workers than permanent staff over the next three months and demand for agency workers should remain high.

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Hiring continues to fall but pace slows

6 Aug 2020

The rate of decline in recruitment activity is slowing, starting salaries are falling and worker availability is on the up as the Bank of England cuts the severity of its forecasts for the UK economy.

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Extend sick pay rebate to larger firms, recruitment bodies urge

25 Jun 2020

Bodies representing the recruitment sector have urged the Treasury to extend the 14-day statutory sick pay rebate to businesses with...

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Jaguar Land Rover cuts temporary staff

17 Jun 2020

Jaguar Land Rover is to cut the number of temporary workers it employs on its factory floors, putting up to...

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Fastest increase in candidate supply since 2009

5 Jun 2020

Recruiters have seen candidate supply rise at its fastest rate in more than a decade, but there has been a...

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